USA Today Interview

Sami Gayle’s old soul thrives on TV’s ‘Blue Bloods’
Sami Gayle plays Tom Selleck’s granddaughter on CBS’ Blue Bloods and Robin Wright’s daughter in The Congress, opening Aug. 29, but deep down, she’s an old soul. How so? Well, the first media the actress, 18, reaches for each morning is a newspaper. “And, when someone gives me something, I always send a handwritten thank-you note.”

That doesn’t mean she’s shut out modernity completely. Her favorite tune? “Ed Sheeran’s Photograph. I’ve played it about 100 times in the last few days.” And, then there’s her new-school, unconventional Hollywood crush. “Jonah Hill. The fact that he wrote 22 Jump Street is very admirable. I don’t want to date him although maybe if I were older. He’s so intelligent; a real stand-up human being.”

Here are more of Gayle’s favorite things:

Book.The Awakening by Kate Chopin.”

Film.The Last Picture Show. Because of what I do, I watch films every day on my laptop. When I saw this film on a real screen, I truly realized how different it is to go to a theater, sit down and see it feel the weight of the film with people surrounding you.”

Advice: “Tom Selleck told me, ‘If the script is warm, you don’t have to help it. You don’t need to overact or add things. Simplicity is the best when you’re showing, not telling.’”

Hollywood role model. “Adrien Brody. I did my first movie with him (Detachment). I’d never done any acting onscreen, and he showed me everything he could about the business in four weeks.”

App. “MindSnacks. I’m learning French, and it gives me new words. For me, education is the most important thing. I’m going to college in the fall. I’ll make it work with my acting.” {}